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Thursday, March 8, 2012

FREE $25 Prepaid AMEX Card!!! Wow!

FREE $25 Prepaid AMEX Card! No Joke!

This is a very different promo...Okay, I know, sometimes things seem just too good to be true. And most of the time, they ARE too good to be true. But through a special promo (Amex is trying to promote their new prepaid cards), if you jump through a few hoops, (easy hoops) you can get a free card with $25 on fees...just free money. Here's how to do this (and I have already done the photo above is the actual card received by another blogger friend).

Go here and request a free AMEX prepaid card. These are just like the Visa prepaid cards. This is the actual AMEX website - not a third party.

Apply coupon code AEPC25 at checkout.

When you receive your prepaid card (no fees or shipping...totally free), you will need to fund it with $25 within 45 days (by April 30th). Use it for anything you would normally purchase. This is not costing you anything.

After funding, you will need to use the card at least once on whatever you like, and within 45 days, AMEX will send you ANOTHER prepaid card with $25 on it! FREE!!

I chose to fund my card at the time I requested can wait until you get yours if you prefer.

You can have up to three of these deals per household but the cards have to be in different names.

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