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Friday, March 23, 2012

FREE 170 Kindle eBooks is offering some free ebooks for their Kindle device. Below are over 170 ebooks you can download to your Kindle or personal computer that has a Kindle viewer on it. If you don’t have a Kindle device you can still read Kindle ebooks on your Personal Computer, Mac, IPhone, Android, Blackberry, iPad, Windows 7 Phone, etc. with the Free Kindle Application Here.
Malice by Griffin Hayes
Rain by Leigh K. Cunningham
ROLL CALL ~ A Prison List by Glenn Langohr
Pandora’s Succession by Russell Brooks
The Billionaire Wins the Game by Melody Anne
Emily’s Hope by Ellen Gable
Georgiana Darcy’s Diary by Anna Elliott
The Callahans by Gordon Ryan
Never Back Down by William Casey Moreton
Rowan by Lauren Howell
Vallar by Cindy Borgne
Voices of the Dead by Peter Leonard
Guardian of Time by Linda Hawley
The Memory of You by Laurie Kellogg
Chasing Vegas by Tad Vezner
Unleashed: A Sydney Rye Novel by Emily Kimelman
Blood and Steel by Martin Parece
25 Language Phrasebook from Mobile Reference
Retail Arbitrage by Mr. Chris Green
Rubies of the Viper by Martha Marks
Descended by Blood by Angeline Kace
Face Of Evil by Lee Goldberg
My Sparkling Misfortune by Laura Lond
The Band of Gypsies by Enrico Antiporda
A Gentleman’s Daughter: Her Choice by Reina M. Williams
Destined to Fail by Samantha March
Repeat Offenders by LaJill Hunt
Devil in the North Woods by Walt Shiel
Three Steps To Heaven by Pam Howes
Prison Nation by Jenni Merritt
Letters From Long Binh by Randy Mixter
A Selection of Meats and Cheeses by Danny Gillan
Curl up and Dye, The hair salon killings: Vol. I by Bryce Harcourt
Indie Chicks: 25 Women 25 Personal Stories
Beneath the Plains of Abraham by Kim Kinrade
Perfect Killer by Lewis Perdue
Hystera by Leora Skolkin-Smith
Prairie Fire by Dan Armstrong
The Chosen One by Shabtai Shoval
The Jerk by Christopher Mundie
Made in the U.S.A.: The 10th Anniversary Edition by Jack X. McCallum
The Case Files of Thomas Carney by Cleo Wolfe
Caught Up by Yulanda Mitchell
Purg by Nicholas Black
Solo Flight by Tod
Dust by Jason Hutt
The Book of Ezra by Tiffany Rock
Frontier at Three Rivers by Sam Hossler
Justice in June by Barbara Levenson
Creature Kid Volume I by Rashad Freeman
Sweet Irish Kiss by JoAnne Kenrick
Ohiowa by T. Alex Miller
Perfect Copy by Judith Gaines
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by J.L. Murray
Questmyre by HaaJar Johnson
The Ghost Child by Simeon Stoychev
The Last Innocent Hour by Barbara Taylor Sissel
Upon A Crazy Horse by Frank Allan Rogers
The Last Mountain Gorilla by Gary Ponzo
13th Frame by Marcin R. Szymczak
The Sinking of the Titanic by Bruce M. Caplan
Leo the Wise (886-912) by Lars Brownworth
Looking For Mr. Right by Kelly Wallace
Finding Love Again by Natasha Marquis
Winter Prey by T. M. Simmons
Until You by Sandra Marton
Warning at Eagle’s Watch by Christine Bush
Expelled by Clayton Spann
BRAINSTORM by Gordon Kessler
Killing the Giants by Jeff Bennington
Hellucination by Stephen Biro
How to Sleep Like a Baby, A Meditation on Psalm 3 by Bob Saffrin
The Gospel of Thomas by Christian Filostrat
Common Ground by Dr. Harry Jay
Say Nothing, or Say Anything by Ronald DeStefano
The Mystery of the Gold Double Eagle by Michael Zimmerle
Kisses Leave No Fingerprints by Mike Fredman
LEFT Field by Fergus Harrison
Gender Game by Fergus Harrison
Tastevin by David W. Cowles
A Fatal Verdict by Tim Vicary
Divine’s Justice by Shameeka Williams
The Solomon Key by Shawn Hopkins
Iyetra – Book 01: Sleeping God by Joshua Meadows
Headhunters by Charlie Cole
Merchant by R.T. Kaelin
The Coming of the Wolf by A.E. McCullough
Snowybrook Inn: Book One by Scott Reeves
The Missing Link by Bryan Pedas
FUnEMPLOYMENT: A.K.A ‘Jobbus Interruptus’ by Jayne Grey
On Unfaithful Wings by Bruce Blake
Talon of the Unnamed Goddess by C. R. Daems
The Old World by Jill D Hidy
Archangels Saga I by Boris Townsend
Islam: Silencing the Critics by Zia Sheikh
144: Wrath by Dallas E. Caldwell
Double-take Tales by Donna Brown
Leatherstone by David Patrick Pabian
Lazarus Island by Lee Moan
Adduné by Wendy Potocki
Lady Deception by Rizzo Rosko
Blood Storm by Deb Sanders
Slate: The Salacious Story of a Hollywood Casting Director by Brian Rowe
Illumine by Alivia Anders
Tears of the Broken by A.M. Hudson
DAKOTA DREAM by Sharon Ihle
Out, Damned Spot by Dan Dillard
Guarding the Healer by Gabriel Beyers
The Trophy Hunter by J. M. Zambrano
He Said, She Said by Cindy Sproles
Journey on the Hard Side of Miracles by Dr. Steven Stiles
The Colour of my Underwear is Blue! by Danny Lyon
The Church of Tango: A Memoir by Cherie Magnus
Wealth Magnetz by Regina Ruf
The Bialy Pimps by Johnny B. Truant
Snarky and Sweet by Susan Denney
Book of Nathan by Curt Weeden
In The Name Of The Father by Judi Coltman
Solving the People Puzzle by Peter Rowe
The Future of Content by Gerd Leonhard
Yalta: Witness To History by Robert Wernick
Redeeming a Nation by Philip Quenby
The Fall of the West by Matt Buttsworth
Unconditional Surrender by Thomas Fleming
Going Insane by Tim Kizer
Nocturnal by David Paul
Heart of the Gods by Valerie Douglas
The Property Game by William Barnes
Anything With Two Heads is a Freak by Dan Rodriguez
London Broil by barbara silkstone
Over the Curb by Bo Barber
Opportunity Slips by Sherban Young
Better Off Dead by Matthew Rowe
Spiggot: A Depraved Comedy by Craig Saunders
McGrave by Lee Goldberg
River Rising by Kevin Kearney
Weights and Measures Study Guide
The Simple Success Solution by Deb Cheslow and Angie Flynn
Around the Bases by Steven Grosso
The Forgotten Warriors: Mission of Mercy by David J. Wallis
A Better Life Awaits by Suzanne Pantazis
Wings of Change by Jim Murdoch
Winnie and the Terrible Secret by Lynne Pennington
Easter Puzzles: Word Games and Brain Teasers For Adults and Kids
A Father’s Poem to His Daughter by Bob Johnson
Weeknight Dinners: Prepared in 30 Minutes
One Bowl: Simple Healthy Recipes for One
How To Make Fish & Chips In A Beer Batter
Superfoods: Easy Lunch Ideas
High Fat High Calorie Breakfasts & Brunch
The Cafe Ways
Recipes from “The Help”
Delectable Soups Volume 2
Quick Cooking – The Complete Series
Easy Vegetarian Breakfast
10 Mexican Style Crock Pot Recipes
When Farts Had Colors by Mark Thomas
Little Sister Sounds by Tony Yelle
Silverweed by Dorlana Vann
The Little Red Fox and Lufa the Lab by J.L. Toscano
Spider Brains: A Love Story by Susan Wingate
Parallelogram by Robin Brande
Chasing Dragons: Vengeance by Barbara Farquharson Scott
The Battle for Tomorrow by Frederick Bell
Busy Bees 123 by Peter Lawson
Jane’s Transformation by Billie Hinton
The Adventures of Masked Mutt: BEGINNINGS by Jason M. Brooks
Death, Sugar, and Flies by Michael Davis
The Quarry by Steve Lockley
One Stormy Day by James McCullough
**These ebooks will sometimes change in price from free to a small fee, so make sure they’re free before you finalized your transaction.**

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