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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

FREE Colgate Toothpaste!



FREE Colgate Toothpaste at Walgreen's Through 3/10

Cheap is is waaaay better! Right now you can score free Colgate Advance Toothpaste at Walgreen's through March 10. "How???" you ask.
Colgate Advance Toothpaste 4oz $3
Register Reward $3
Final Cost: FREE
Get familiar with Walgreen's system of 'Register Rewards' (RRs). An RR is a receipt that prints out after you purchase a specific item. You can then use the RR just like cash in the store - it's like a gift card. Pay attention to the expiration date - they're only good for 2 weeks. You can only get an RR for a specific items once per transaction, but most cashiers will ring up two transactions for you if they're not super busy. You can also have one transaction at the pharmacy, even if you're not filling a prescription. Please note: you cannot use an RR for the same item - it must be used on something different.

You go to Walgreen's and pick up three tubes of the Colgate. Go to the Pharmacy, pay for one tube ($3) and receive a $3 RR. Go to the cashier at the front. Have her ring up the next two tubes separately. Receive two more RRs for $3 each. You walk away having paid out of pocket (OOP) $9, and you have $9 of register rewards to spend. You can choose to spend the register rewards immediately, or wait until there's another item that will print a register reward for you. You can do this as many times during the sale period as you like, and you can stop in at a few different Walgreen's if you would like to really stock up until the next FREE toothpaste deal!

After you pay a little up front to start receiving the register rewards, you can keep using them, getting more, using them, getting more, etc. etc. etc. I have about $75 in RRs right now that I can use for toiletries, makeup, baby items, whatever. Try it! You'll like it!
For even more savings, if you happen to have the SMART SOURCE coupon insert from the Sunday paper on 2/26, there is a coupon that you can use when you purchase the toothpaste, turning this deal into a moneymaker. Now you see why you really need to subscribe to the Sunday paper. It's only $1 per issue when you go to Save the coupon inserts each Sunday, clip them together, write the date on the top, and put them in a file, pile, or box. I'll tell you when there's a good coupon, and which date to look for! I'm nice like that.

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