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Friday, March 30, 2012

New List of FREE Kindle eBooks! is offering some free ebooks for their Kindle device. Below are 144 ebooks you can download to your Kindle or personal computer that has a Kindle viewer on it. If you don’t have a Kindle device you can still read Kindle ebooks on your Personal Computer, Mac, IPhone, Android, Blackberry, iPad, Windows 7 Phone, etc. with the Free Kindle Application Here.
Whale Song: School Edition by Cheryl Kaye Tardif

Finding Emma by Steena Holmes
Red Magic by Juliette Waldron
Living With an Impostor by Lawrence Lee
Supersized to Superhealthy! by Sarah Curran
My Brother’s Keeper by Jade Jones
The Spruce Gum Box by Elizabeth Egerton Wilder
A Mother’s Day: A Short Story by Kaira Rouda
Coupon Millionaire by Nadine Brown
These Things Happened by Scott Nicholson
Alligators in the Trees by Cynthia Hamilton
Paul, Betty, and Pearl by Karl Larew
Meggie Blackthorn by Elizabeth Jasper
Perilous by Tamara Hart Heiner
Flowers by Scott Nicholson
NIGHT VISION by Paul Levine
Hanging Curve by Dani Amore
This Is Noble by Graham Ludlow
Cutting Edge by Robert W. Walker
The Promised Land by Valerie Stocking
Escape by Brad Magnarella
ODD NUMBERS by M. Grace Bernardin
Mined Your Own Business by Jim Miller
Candles in the Window by Karl Larew
Cuba Blue by Robert W. Walker
What You See by Ann Mullen
These Trespasses by Kenneth W. Cain
His Name In Lights by Patty Jansen
Lacuna: Demons of the Void by David Adams

Roselli’s Gold by Michael Parker
Where Love Once Lived by Sidney W. Frost
Wholly Jane by Christine Pelfrey
America: Revolution
Mallory Ridge by Deb Kemper
Mending Fences by Lucy Francis
Secret Bodyguard by Lori Crawford
The Penny by Benjamin Reynolds
Of Adam’s Rib
Praying the Gospels with Martin Luther by Paul W. Meier
Return of the Rose by Theresa Ragan
The Countess by Claire Delacroix
Nazi Werewoofs by Karl Larew
The Antique Hunters by L.H. Thomson
Mending Fences by Lucy Francis
Heart of Gold by Christine Pope
Annihilation – Love Conquers All by Saxon Andrew
The Revelation Project by John Worth
A Winner’s DNA by Jesper Qvist
ZombieDead by Ian Woodhead
The Coven Conspiracy by Youngblood Hawke
The Stories by Jason Darrick
The voice of waterfalls by Natasha A. Salnikova
Quit Your Rotten Job…by John Hadyn
Googling For Money by Rob Palmer
The Quick and Easy Guide To Making Money as a Freelance Writer by Rob Palmer
Get Paid! by Michael Greiner
31 Delicious and Nutritious Vegetarian Appetizer Recipes
The Home Baking Guide to Substituting and Measuring
Decadent Coffee Cakes: Top 20 Coffee Cake Recipes
Grandma’s Best Muffin Recipes
Delicious and Nutritious Gluten-Free Breakfast Recipes
Quick, Cheap & Healthy School Lunches
Low Fat, Diabetic and Low Carb Recipes
17 Easy Beverage Recipes
Healing Foods and Recipes
Kendra Kandlestar and the Box of Whispers by Lee Edward Födi
The Adventures of Princess Lau by Martin P Kerrigan
Set In Stone by Beth Balmanno
The Queen and the Cats by Calee M. Lee
Adventures with Scarlet the Dolphin by Jennifer Wallis
Eliza’s Forever Trees by Stephanie Lisa Tara
A Place Beyond The Map by Samuel Thews
I’m Squirrely! by Brenda Lochinger
BigIQkids Book #2: The Dude Kid by Jake Marcionette
Where Hummingbirds Come From by Adele Marie Crouch
How Many Monkeys On My Head? by Wade Sexton
The Battle Hymn Blues by Baker Lawley
Silent Night Violent Night by Carol Verburg
To Tell the Truth by Faye Tollison
**These ebooks will sometimes change in price from free to a small fee, so make sure they’re free before you finalized your transaction.**

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

FREE Sears 16x20 Portrait - $69.99 Value!!!

Get a Free 16×20 Wall Portrait at Sears Portrait Studio ($69.99 Value). Expires April 15thSears Portrait Store Locator.
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FREE 113 More Kindle eBooks! is offering some free ebooks for their Kindle device. Below are 113 ebooks you can download to your Kindle or personal computer that has a Kindle viewer on it. If you don’t have a Kindle device you can still read Kindle ebooks on your Personal Computer, Mac, IPhone, Android, Blackberry, iPad, Windows 7 Phone, etc. with the Free Kindle Application Here.
Long Time Coming by Vanessa Miller
A Soul To Steal by Rob Blackwell
Curious Folks Ask by Sherry Seethaler
Speed Dating with the Dead by Scott Nicholson
A Time to Love by Barbara Cameron
Always the Wedding Planner, Never the Bride by Sandra D. Bricker
The Dead Love Longer by Scott Nicholson
Notes to Self by Avery Sawyer
Skin Games by Adam Pepper
Stealing Jenny by Ellen Gable
The First by Scott Nicholson
The Butterfly Legacy by Dr. Kathleen Marie Rice
The 101 Habits Of Highly Successful Screenwriters by Karl Iglesias
Tales of Aradia The Last Witch Volume 1 by L.A. Jones
Afton of Margate Castle by Angela Hunt and Angela Elwell Hunt
The M-16 Agenda by James P. Wilcox
Dimensional Shift: First Step by Michelle Stone
Legacy Universe: Gentle Reminders by Martin Perry
You Don’t Die of Love: Stories by Thomas Thonson
America’s Galactic Foreign Legion – Book 10: Peacekeepers by Walter Knight
Valeria’s Cross by Kathi Macias and Susan Wales
Wolf Hunt by Sebastian P. Breit
Apathetic by Heather Muzik
Fake Kate by David Wailing
E-Force by James D. Kellogg
Appraisal for Murder by Elaine L. Orr
Lincoln’s Diary by DL Fowler
The Visions of Ransom Lake by Marcia Lynn McClure
Thunder Struck Hero by Babs Annsetti and Eric Seiden
A Room of My Own by Ann Tatlock
How My Soul Yearns by Ashley Wells
Sin by Burton Rager
Beauty in the Desert by Eddie Broussard
Mirror Talk by Barbara Alfaro
God Laughs When You Die by Michael Boatman
Emerson The Magnificent! by Dwight Ritter
Crested Butte Dreams by Ann Lain
Until The Next Time by Dr. Harry Jay
The Candle Star by Michelle Isenhoff
The Month of Zephram Mondays by Leslie A. Susskind
Scott Nicholson Library, Vol. 4
The Walking Man by Wright Forbucks
The Morrigna by Rachel Rawlings
Firecracker by Charles R. Verhey
What You Wish For by Catherine Winchester
Shotgun by Scott Colby
Fire Apprentice: The Dragon Shepherds by Thomas Head
Things To Do While Avoiding Things To Do by Mark J. Asher
The Truth About Snow Skiing REVEALED by Dr. Harry Jay
Man Eating Pies by Rob Johnstone
Because It Makes My Heart Beat Faster by Peter Michael Rosenberg
Deferral of Guilt by James Parr
The Hunt for the Catalyst by Artemis Hunt
Stolen Pawns by RS Carter
Mystery of the 13th Floor by AJ Diaz
Helping People Win at Work by Ken Blanchard and Garry Ridge
Replay by Keira Lea
eBully by Dave Conifer
The Betrothal by Richard Raley
Poke, A Paranormal Adventure by Dalya Moon
The First Time by Christopher Enix
The Long Fall by Lynn Kostoff
Madeline Mann by Julia Buckley
Tested by Fire by Pat Patterson
Even You Can Learn Statistics by David M. Levine
101 Top Interview Tips To Get You Hired Fast by Paul Mathews
International Taxation in America, Chapter Three-Tax Planning with Offshore Trusts and Foreign Corporations by Brian Dooley
How to Invest in the Stock Market by Will Parsons
The Light of the Lovers’ Moon by Marcia Lynn McClure
Kit And Kisses by Karen Rose Smith
ETF Trading and Investing Strategies Collection
No Crimes Beyond Forgiveness by Dr. Harry Jay
The Writing of the Wrong by Dr. Harry Jay
The Final Defense by Kenneth Wash
Paper Bridges by Joel Portice
Convergence — Journey to Nyorfias, Book 1 by T. M. Roy
Midnight for Morgana by Shirley Martin
Lady Scandal by Shannon Donnelly
Darshan: a Journey by Irene Black
Past Due by Catherine Winchester
Bad Stacks: Story Collection Box Set by Scott Nicholson
Commitment and Other Tales of Madness by Glen Krisch
The Harvest by Liz Steele
No Future Christmas by Barbara Goodwin
Keepers of the Gateway to Hell by Simon Chambers
The Addicted Brain by Michael Kuhar
Move It Mom! How To Get Your Body Back After Baby by Marci Pliskin and Patti Dunn
Planely Speaking by Bobby Laurie
The Everything Songwriting Book by C. J. Watson
GRAVE DANGERS by Myrna Ericksen
Blackrayne by Nathyn Brendan Masters
Dark Spells: Four Books by J.R. Rain
Old Magick by Kirstyanne Ross
Attic Clowns: Volume Two by Jeremy Shipp
Dessert Done Quick: 40+ Fast, Easy, Delicious Dessert Recipes
Incredibly Delicious Chili
Delicious & Nutritious: 30 Divine Cake Recipes
31 Fabulous Cake Recipes From Scratch
Vegan, Gluten-Free and Vegetarian Cookbook
Perfect Pancake Recipes
Abuelita’s Best Tres Leches Cake Recipes
Eleventh Angel by T.D. Kaschalk
Talking Leaves by Jane Zimmermann
Budding Reader Book Set 2: Wit and Kit by Melissa Ferrell
Where are the Easter Eggs? by Sujatha Lalgudi
Farm Animals Dance by Leslie Garland
Little Miss Snot Monster by Simon Smith-Wilson
Diary of a Nerd King #2: Episode 3 by Matt Ballard
2000 Subtraction Facts 0-20 Electronic Flashcards

Monday, March 26, 2012

FREE Snickers/Milky Way & Jelly Beans at CVS!

Through tomorrow (Tuesday), you can get 4 FREE Snickers or Milky Way Easter candies at CVS. Here's how this deal works: they are 2 for $1. You get one Extra Care Buck (ECB) back for each 2 (limit of two Extra Care Bucks). This makes four of them FREE! An even better deal? Scan your Extra Care Card at the red scan machine at the front of the store - most people are reporting that it prints out a coupon for $.25 off of the two candies.
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Friday, March 23, 2012

FREE 170 Kindle eBooks is offering some free ebooks for their Kindle device. Below are over 170 ebooks you can download to your Kindle or personal computer that has a Kindle viewer on it. If you don’t have a Kindle device you can still read Kindle ebooks on your Personal Computer, Mac, IPhone, Android, Blackberry, iPad, Windows 7 Phone, etc. with the Free Kindle Application Here.
Malice by Griffin Hayes
Rain by Leigh K. Cunningham
ROLL CALL ~ A Prison List by Glenn Langohr
Pandora’s Succession by Russell Brooks
The Billionaire Wins the Game by Melody Anne
Emily’s Hope by Ellen Gable
Georgiana Darcy’s Diary by Anna Elliott
The Callahans by Gordon Ryan
Never Back Down by William Casey Moreton
Rowan by Lauren Howell
Vallar by Cindy Borgne
Voices of the Dead by Peter Leonard
Guardian of Time by Linda Hawley
The Memory of You by Laurie Kellogg
Chasing Vegas by Tad Vezner
Unleashed: A Sydney Rye Novel by Emily Kimelman
Blood and Steel by Martin Parece
25 Language Phrasebook from Mobile Reference
Retail Arbitrage by Mr. Chris Green
Rubies of the Viper by Martha Marks
Descended by Blood by Angeline Kace
Face Of Evil by Lee Goldberg
My Sparkling Misfortune by Laura Lond
The Band of Gypsies by Enrico Antiporda
A Gentleman’s Daughter: Her Choice by Reina M. Williams
Destined to Fail by Samantha March
Repeat Offenders by LaJill Hunt
Devil in the North Woods by Walt Shiel
Three Steps To Heaven by Pam Howes
Prison Nation by Jenni Merritt
Letters From Long Binh by Randy Mixter
A Selection of Meats and Cheeses by Danny Gillan
Curl up and Dye, The hair salon killings: Vol. I by Bryce Harcourt
Indie Chicks: 25 Women 25 Personal Stories
Beneath the Plains of Abraham by Kim Kinrade
Perfect Killer by Lewis Perdue
Hystera by Leora Skolkin-Smith
Prairie Fire by Dan Armstrong
The Chosen One by Shabtai Shoval
The Jerk by Christopher Mundie
Made in the U.S.A.: The 10th Anniversary Edition by Jack X. McCallum
The Case Files of Thomas Carney by Cleo Wolfe
Caught Up by Yulanda Mitchell
Purg by Nicholas Black
Solo Flight by Tod
Dust by Jason Hutt
The Book of Ezra by Tiffany Rock
Frontier at Three Rivers by Sam Hossler
Justice in June by Barbara Levenson
Creature Kid Volume I by Rashad Freeman
Sweet Irish Kiss by JoAnne Kenrick
Ohiowa by T. Alex Miller
Perfect Copy by Judith Gaines
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by J.L. Murray
Questmyre by HaaJar Johnson
The Ghost Child by Simeon Stoychev
The Last Innocent Hour by Barbara Taylor Sissel
Upon A Crazy Horse by Frank Allan Rogers
The Last Mountain Gorilla by Gary Ponzo
13th Frame by Marcin R. Szymczak
The Sinking of the Titanic by Bruce M. Caplan
Leo the Wise (886-912) by Lars Brownworth
Looking For Mr. Right by Kelly Wallace
Finding Love Again by Natasha Marquis
Winter Prey by T. M. Simmons
Until You by Sandra Marton
Warning at Eagle’s Watch by Christine Bush
Expelled by Clayton Spann
BRAINSTORM by Gordon Kessler
Killing the Giants by Jeff Bennington
Hellucination by Stephen Biro
How to Sleep Like a Baby, A Meditation on Psalm 3 by Bob Saffrin
The Gospel of Thomas by Christian Filostrat
Common Ground by Dr. Harry Jay
Say Nothing, or Say Anything by Ronald DeStefano
The Mystery of the Gold Double Eagle by Michael Zimmerle
Kisses Leave No Fingerprints by Mike Fredman
LEFT Field by Fergus Harrison
Gender Game by Fergus Harrison
Tastevin by David W. Cowles
A Fatal Verdict by Tim Vicary
Divine’s Justice by Shameeka Williams
The Solomon Key by Shawn Hopkins
Iyetra – Book 01: Sleeping God by Joshua Meadows
Headhunters by Charlie Cole
Merchant by R.T. Kaelin
The Coming of the Wolf by A.E. McCullough
Snowybrook Inn: Book One by Scott Reeves
The Missing Link by Bryan Pedas
FUnEMPLOYMENT: A.K.A ‘Jobbus Interruptus’ by Jayne Grey
On Unfaithful Wings by Bruce Blake
Talon of the Unnamed Goddess by C. R. Daems
The Old World by Jill D Hidy
Archangels Saga I by Boris Townsend
Islam: Silencing the Critics by Zia Sheikh
144: Wrath by Dallas E. Caldwell
Double-take Tales by Donna Brown
Leatherstone by David Patrick Pabian
Lazarus Island by Lee Moan
Adduné by Wendy Potocki
Lady Deception by Rizzo Rosko
Blood Storm by Deb Sanders
Slate: The Salacious Story of a Hollywood Casting Director by Brian Rowe
Illumine by Alivia Anders
Tears of the Broken by A.M. Hudson
DAKOTA DREAM by Sharon Ihle
Out, Damned Spot by Dan Dillard
Guarding the Healer by Gabriel Beyers
The Trophy Hunter by J. M. Zambrano
He Said, She Said by Cindy Sproles
Journey on the Hard Side of Miracles by Dr. Steven Stiles
The Colour of my Underwear is Blue! by Danny Lyon
The Church of Tango: A Memoir by Cherie Magnus
Wealth Magnetz by Regina Ruf
The Bialy Pimps by Johnny B. Truant
Snarky and Sweet by Susan Denney
Book of Nathan by Curt Weeden
In The Name Of The Father by Judi Coltman
Solving the People Puzzle by Peter Rowe
The Future of Content by Gerd Leonhard
Yalta: Witness To History by Robert Wernick
Redeeming a Nation by Philip Quenby
The Fall of the West by Matt Buttsworth
Unconditional Surrender by Thomas Fleming
Going Insane by Tim Kizer
Nocturnal by David Paul
Heart of the Gods by Valerie Douglas
The Property Game by William Barnes
Anything With Two Heads is a Freak by Dan Rodriguez
London Broil by barbara silkstone
Over the Curb by Bo Barber
Opportunity Slips by Sherban Young
Better Off Dead by Matthew Rowe
Spiggot: A Depraved Comedy by Craig Saunders
McGrave by Lee Goldberg
River Rising by Kevin Kearney
Weights and Measures Study Guide
The Simple Success Solution by Deb Cheslow and Angie Flynn
Around the Bases by Steven Grosso
The Forgotten Warriors: Mission of Mercy by David J. Wallis
A Better Life Awaits by Suzanne Pantazis
Wings of Change by Jim Murdoch
Winnie and the Terrible Secret by Lynne Pennington
Easter Puzzles: Word Games and Brain Teasers For Adults and Kids
A Father’s Poem to His Daughter by Bob Johnson
Weeknight Dinners: Prepared in 30 Minutes
One Bowl: Simple Healthy Recipes for One
How To Make Fish & Chips In A Beer Batter
Superfoods: Easy Lunch Ideas
High Fat High Calorie Breakfasts & Brunch
The Cafe Ways
Recipes from “The Help”
Delectable Soups Volume 2
Quick Cooking – The Complete Series
Easy Vegetarian Breakfast
10 Mexican Style Crock Pot Recipes
When Farts Had Colors by Mark Thomas
Little Sister Sounds by Tony Yelle
Silverweed by Dorlana Vann
The Little Red Fox and Lufa the Lab by J.L. Toscano
Spider Brains: A Love Story by Susan Wingate
Parallelogram by Robin Brande
Chasing Dragons: Vengeance by Barbara Farquharson Scott
The Battle for Tomorrow by Frederick Bell
Busy Bees 123 by Peter Lawson
Jane’s Transformation by Billie Hinton
The Adventures of Masked Mutt: BEGINNINGS by Jason M. Brooks
Death, Sugar, and Flies by Michael Davis
The Quarry by Steve Lockley
One Stormy Day by James McCullough
**These ebooks will sometimes change in price from free to a small fee, so make sure they’re free before you finalized your transaction.**
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Thursday, March 22, 2012

FLASH! Teen Vogue Subscription $1.99 until 9pm Only!!!

FLASH SALE! Teen Vogue one year subscription only $1.99 until 9pm EST tonight! You will have to enter coupon code TEEN to get this deal. You will see a big red button that says, "Buy" and above that, make sure that you choose 'one year'. Click here and act quickly! Sorry I couldn't give you more time...I posted this 8 minutes after it came out!

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Yes, you can get a bunch of things for less than $1! Here are some tips before I give you your mission...
1. Remember that you can usually print two coupons from your computer.
2. When you're buying an item with a BOGO (buy one get one) promotion, you can use TWO coupons.
3. You can 'stack' one store coupon and one manufacturer coupon per item.
4. On the list below, you will see the normal price, and if there is a price in parentheses, that will be the true price if the items are BOGO. Example: salad dressing is $3 BOGO. In parenthesis, it will say ($1.50), which is the price for each before coupons.
Okay...let's go!
(Items marked with ** are at least 70% off making the best deals!)
If you find any errors, or coupons that are no longer printable, please leave a comment to let me and others know so that I can correct the mistake.


**Post Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal, 13-18 oz, at $3.91 ($1.95)
-$1 off Post Honey Bunches of Oats Fruit Blends cereal, 18 oz + printable
Use two coupons, making your final cost only 95¢

**Bumble Bee Premium Albacore Tuna in Water, 5 oz, at $2.89 ($1.44)
-$1 off Bumble Bee Premium Tuna pouch, or Prime fillet gold can, 5 oz (Facebook) printable
final cost 44¢

**Marie’s Vinaigrette, 11.5 oz, $3.29 ($1.64)
-$1 off Marie’s Product printable (makes it 64¢)

**Welch’s Squeezable Jelly, 22 oz, at $2.39 ($1.19)
55/1 Welch’s jam, jelly or spread printable (makes it 64¢)

Kraft Barbecue Sauce, 16.25-18 oz, at $1.69 (84¢)

Kraft Mac & Cheese, 5.5-7.3 oz, at $1.35 (67¢)

Betty Crocker Boxed Potatoes, 4.5-6.6 oz, at $1.83 (91¢)
-.50/2 Betty Crocker boxed potatoes, excl buds and pouch printable (makes it 66¢)

**I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Spread, 7.5-16 oz, at $3.39 ($1.69)
-$1.25 off I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter product, (zip 90210) printable (use $1.25 off, makes it 44¢) Note: the zip code is the zip code that you will enter on the coupon page to get this coupon. Coupons tend to be regional, so put in this zip to find it.

Green Giant Frozen Vegetables, 7-10 oz, at $1.99 (99¢)

**Lance Cracker Creations, 6-7.4 oz, at $3.29 ($1.64)
-$1 off Lance Cracker Creations sandwich crackers, 6 oz printable (makes it 64¢)

Voskos Greek Yogurt, 4.6-5.3 oz, $1 -$1/3
Voskos Greek yogurt printable (makes it 66¢ ea.)

Non BOGO Items:

**Beech-Nut Stage 2 Baby Food, 4 oz, 40¢
-$1/3 Beech-Nut items printable (makes it 7¢ ea.)

**Sundown Naturals B12 250mg, 100 tabs, $3.99
-$5/2 Sundown Naturals product, Osteo Bi-Flex product or Marvel Heroes gummy vitamins (Publix coupon), Green Advantage flyer (located at Publix)
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Purell Aloe Hand Sanitizer 2 oz, $1.25
-$1/3 Purell product printable
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Royal Gelatin or Pudding, .32-5.5 oz, 65¢
-$1/4 Royal Gelatin or Pudding, .32-5.5 oz, Publix Yellow Advantage Flyer located at Publix(makes it 40¢ ea.)

Powerade Zero, 32 oz, $1 (sale price)
-B10G5 FREE Powerade Zero, 32 oz, or Powerade Ion 4, Publix Yellow Advantage Flyer(makes it 66¢ ea.)

Hormel Compleats Microwave Meals or Chi-Chi’s Fiesta Plates, 10 oz, $2
-B1G1 Hormel Completes microwave meals (Facebook) printable
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Dreamfields Pasta, 13.25 oz, $1.67
-$1 off Dreamfields Pasta, (register) printable
-$1 off Dreamfields pasta, (sign up) printable
(makes it 67¢)

Marie’s Refrigerated Dressing, 12 oz, $2
-$1 off Marie’s Product printable (makes it $1)

Purina Alpo Canned Dog Food, 13-13.2 oz, 65¢ -$1.50/10 Purina Alpo canned dog food printable (use $1.50/10, makes it 50¢ ea.)

Thanks to SouthernSavers for this great list!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

FREE 115 Kindle eBooks - New List! is offering some free ebooks for their Kindle device. Below are 115 ebooks you can download to your Kindle or personal computer that has a Kindle viewer on it. If you don’t have a Kindle device you can still read Kindle ebooks on your Personal Computer, Mac, IPhone, Android, Blackberry, iPad, Windows 7 Phone, etc. with the Free Kindle Application Here.
Farsighted by Emlyn Chand
Return from Tomorrow by George G. Ritchie
Irreparable Harm by Melissa F. Miller
The Real by James Cole
State of Rebellion by Gordon Ryan
Bridger by Megan Curd
Fatal Exchange by Russell Blake
Treasure Me by Christine Nolfi
Exposed by Ashley Weis
HERE by Ella James
Treasure Me by Christine Nolfi
The Truth About Us by Dalene Flannigan
Investing Made Simple by Mike Piper
Punishing A Good Deed by Donald Everetti
God Drives a Tow Truck by Vicky Kaseorg
Full Circle by Mona Ingram
Midnight Reflections by Pamela M. Richter
Tracking Shadows by Regan Black
The Desert Waits by J. Carson Black
A Diamond In My Pocket by Lorena Angell
The Roadmap Home by Leonard Szymczak
The Devil and Preston Black by Jason Jack Miller
Nightworld by Maureen Noel
Cruel Justice by Mel Comley
Brother’s Keeper by Glen Krisch
The Rumblin by Jeff Bennington
Blood Crimes: Book One by Dave Zeltserman
The Final Winter by Iain Rob Wright
Bye Bye Bertie by Rick Dewhurst
Yellow Eyes by Sonya Lee
Bet you can’t… FIND ME by Linda S. Prather
Mayhem: A Collection of Stories by R Thomas Brown
Akhet by H.L. Reasby
Murder at Thumb Butte by James D. Best
A Sword For His Women by A . Jacob Sweeny
Patriot Secrets by Jerri Hines
THE GHOST SHIP by Gerrie Ferris Finger
The Last Decadent by Jeffrey K. Hill
Princess Rose and the Crystal Castle by Pepper Thorn
Tally-Ho! by Kevin Grote
The Woman Who Loved Jesse James by Cindi Myers
Magical Stew by Barbara Hodges
A Proper Mistress by Shannon Donnelly
The Heart of War by Lisa Beth Darling
Into the Woods by Linda Jones
Dark Horse by J. Carson Black
Chasing the Sunset by Barbara Mack
Beyond the Mirror by Ashley Weis
Experience A Walk To Remember by Bianca McClain Miller
Learning to Give in a Getting World by Jesse S. Greever
Is Your Ghost Holy? by Shay Bills
Alexander III and Zoë (912-920)by Lars Brownworth
Profitable Book Publishing by EJ Thornton
The Final Winter by Iain Rob Wright
Ultimate Thriller Box Set
Darkscope by J. Carson Black
Knock Knock by S.P. Miskowski
Merciless Pact by R Thomas Brown
The Real Night of the Living Dead by Mark Kramer
America’s Galactic Foreign Legion – Book 9: Scorpions by Walter Knightok
The New Earth Star by Fred Taikowski
Toward Night’s End by M.H. Sargent
The Good Book Club by Rick Dewhurst
KILL FM 100 by Teric Darken
The Anaconda Complex by Bryan Cassiday
The Whispered Kiss by Marcia Lynn McClure
The Heart’s Haven by Jill Barnett
Lifelights by Alina Voyce
Always a Bridesmaid by Carol Grace
Full Circle by Irina Shapiro
The Origin by Wilette Youkey
The Five Elements by Scott Marlowe
The Curse of Credesar by Robert E. Keller
Voyage of the Dead by David Forsyth
Flood Plains by Mark Wheaton
Apocalypse Revolution by Michael Andre McPherson
Monster Vice by George P. Saunders
Planet Explorers Walt Disney World 2012
Humphrey Was Here by Mark J. Asher
Spring Grass: Born into New China by Qiyin Emurian
Reflections on the Game by Thomas Hauser
Eat Less Without Trying To Eat Less
Visions of the Cailleach by David Rankine
The Between World by Stephanie Ingram
The Light Within Me by Carly Fall
Cut the Cancer from Your company by Wilson Worst
Tar Mama A Dad’s Disclaimer Story by Anna Finkwell
Diary of a Nerd King #2: Episodes 1 to 4 by Matt Ballard
G’Day USA by Tony McFadden
The Globe by R. Doug Wicker
Paleo Breakfast Cookbook
Passionate About Pierogies
Perfect Lasagna
Quick & Easy Gourmet Muffins
Healing Desserts
Weight Watchers Points Plus Crock Pot Meals
Naked Bliss, Naughty and Nutritious Dairy Free Milkshakes
30 Delicious Dump Cake Recipes
Mouthwatering Chocolate Pie Recipes
Fried Rice Recipe
Delicious and Healthy Vegetarian Breakfast Recipes
27 Easy Pasta Recipes
How To Make Cornish Pasties
Sabor Latino: Flavors from Cuba, Mexico & Spain
ABC Flashcards by Brenda Ponnay
Parmethia: Book 1 by Mark Cool
Poppi the Painter by Olga Kilicci
Snowy White World to Save by Stephanie Lisa Tara
Busy Machines by Peter Lawson
The Six Pirates: A Rollicking & Rhyming Picture Book by Lily Lexington
Lola The Mermaid and The Splish Splash Olympics by Lily Lexington
Waking the Dreamer by Andy Kaiser
Out of Breath by Blair Richmond
Seven Days by Shari Richardson
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