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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Grab This Kraft Fresh Takes Coupon!'s the deal. Have you tried this product? No? You are going to LOVE IT! This package (several the garlic & rosemary!) has two packets. One with herbed breadcrumbs, and one with cheese. You simply open the packet down the middle (just pull) and the cheese and breadcrumbs mix. Then coat chicken, pork, or whatever. For us, half the packet is enough, and I have enough for another meal. I've also put a pork roast in the crock pot and just dumped this on top...makes the house smell heavenly!
Right now you can print a coupon for $.75 cents off. The great news is that these frequently go on sale BOGO, so you can use a $.75 coupon on each, even though one is free. This will mean that you'll get two of them for about $1!!!
Regular price: (around) $2.50
BOGO = $1.25 each
$.75 off = $.50 each!!!
Print the coupon before they're gone!
HINT: when you get to the coupon page, click on 'foods' in the categories on the left sidebar - this makes it easier to find...

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